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Restoration Funding Opportunities

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Salt Marsh Restoration

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The Restoration Coordination Center (RCC) is actively working with Cape towns and community groups to assist with implementation of their priority restoration projects. With restoration project costs commonly ranging up to millions of dollars, finding adequate funding is often a stumbling block. To help facilitate project funding the RCC has compiled the following list of potential grant opportunities from state, federal, and private sources that target the type of restoration projects the RCC is focused on. Please note that this is not meant to be an exhaustive list and that the RCC will work to keep it updated and will add new sources as they come to attention. The list can be viewed in its entirety or may be narrowed by the following project type categories: salt marsh, fish run, stormwater, coastal resilience, or other.

Restoration Grants List – Salt Marsh and Other Wetlands

Restoration Grants List - Fish Runs

Restoration Grants List - Stormwater

Restoration Grants List - Coastal Resilience

Restoration Grants List - Other

Restoration Grants List - ALL (PDF)

Last updated January, 2019

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Salt Marsh Restoration

Stormwater Management