APCC is a grassroots organization whose critical work depends on the support of its members.

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Preserving and protecting Cape Cod?s natural resources takes more than a single generation. It takes young people becoming actively engaged in taking care of this unique land of sand and water?young people who will be inspired to be the environmental stewards of the future.

That?s why APCC internships aren?t just a ?job.? Our interns work side-by-side with professional staff and community leaders on grassroots advocacy, scientific research, stewardship, education and policy development. They not only gain valuable professional experience, but the projects our interns undertake lead to significant protection of our singular environment. With the knowledge of their very substantial contributions, APCC interns develop a passion to save the Earth.

Cape Cod is defined by its natural beauty?sandy beaches, clear ponds, quiet woods and picturesque villages. Yet the quality of life we?ve come to expect and love on Cape Cod is under serious attack.

Existing patterns of growth?perpetuated by ineffective local and state laws?have needlessly consumed thousands of acres of land, fragmented critical habitats, compromised water quality and altered the open vistas that are such a part of Cape Cod?s heritage.

The lack of adequate wastewater treatment has degraded our water quality and jeopardized the fish and shellfish that depend on clean water to survive. Agricultural lands have declined rapidly. Thousands of acres of salt marsh have been lost or severely degraded.

The need to protect the Cape from environmental harm has never been greater. Yet the competitive challenge of fundraising to support critical staffing in the current economic climate has become exceedingly difficult.

Interns provide APCC with the ability to respond promptly and comprehensively whenever our natural resources are in peril. APCC interns work on our most critical issues, getting in the trenches to make the calls, send the emails and gather the troops necessary to win vital protection for the Cape?s natural resources. They are the glue that holds our advocacy campaigns together.

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