APCC recently assembled an inventory of coastal restoration needs across Cape Cod, identifying over 140 incomplete, high priority restoration projects that represent thousands of acres of degraded habitat within Cape Cod’s coastal ecosystem.

To address this need, APCC is initiating an ambitious program to coordinate and implement coastal restoration efforts in every Cape Cod town. Our goal is to aid communities by providing technical assistance, project management and effective partnership collaboration to successfully restore Cape Cod’s most critical resource areas.

Why do APCC’s restoration efforts matter to you, your family and your Cape Cod community?

  • Restoring natural tidal flow to salt marshes can improve water quality by flushing out nutrients that impact the Cape’s coastal waters, potentially reducing municipal wastewater treatment costs.
  • Strengthening “green” infrastructure such as shellfish reefs, salt marshes and other wetlands will help protect property and build coastal resilience by enabling these resources to act as natural buffers against storms, flooding and rising sea levels.
  • Restoring Cape Cod’s coastal and freshwater resource areas will improve the habitat and productivity of many commercially important fish species, which benefits the Cape’s fishing economy.
  • Managing stormwater runoff captures bacteria, nutrients and other pollutants before they can contaminate water resources, which protects public health and provides swimming, fishing and other recreational opportunities. It also improves shellfish habitat, which aids shellfish growers and enables the production of shellfish as one option in helping remove excess nutrients from our coastal waters.

APCC’s vision is to improve our region’s environment, economy and quality of life by ensuring the success of vital restoration efforts across Cape Cod. Join us in that vision. Please respond generously to this Summer Appeal.

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