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Another summer on Cape Cod is just around the corner, and with the burgeoning of the season comes a renewed appreciation of the beauty, fragility and uniqueness of this special place. The sandy beaches, tranquil ponds, lush salt marshes, secluded woods, quaint villages…there is only one Cape Cod.

River herring are also keystone species; that is, species whose health and well-being reflects the overall state of the coastal ecosystem. They reflect watershed problems, such as man-made alteration of the natural hydrology, and water pollution.

APCC has worked for over four decades to protect the natural resources and quality of Cape Cod. Whether it’s ensuring the safety of our drinking water, coastal bays, ponds, salt marshes and fish runs, or protecting our open spaces and working landscapes, we are proud of the work we have done, and proud of the people—our members and volunteers—who have helped us do it. We thank you for your support, and hope we can continue to count you as a voice in APCC, the leading environmental organization on Cape Cod, by responding generously to this spring appeal. Thank you!